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MountMedia Learning/E-learning Whenever you plan a Learning proces physical or digital you must ask yourself: Who is going to learn what?, why?, where?, when? and how?  
This wh-quistions are the key questions in any kind of a Learning proces - and therefore also some of the key questions we will like to ask you, before we are able to provide you a proper solution in one or more of the following subjects:

  • Education in Strategic Business Model Innovation
  • Strategic Business Model Innovation Workshop and Camps
  • International marketing
  • Business Model and Service innovation
  • ICT for Strategic Business Model Innovation 
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MountMedia Aps
Peter Lindgren
Svinbovej 31
Egå, Danmark


Email: Lindgren@mountmedia.dk 
Primary Phone: +45 23 42 55 04
Secondary Phone: +45 29 44 22 11